“Daddy (You Are Mine)”

Written by Thia Berggren, Zoë Zamora, and Sarah Grace Bloyd © 2015

Verse 1

You call me from a distance though You’ve never left my side

And You’re ready to accept me with arms open wide

When I have finally reached You, I see love inside of Your eyes

And I hear You say, “You are mine”


Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I’m running to You

I need to see from Your point of view

Through my strife, I’m clinging to You,

And I know You’re holding me, too

Verse 2

Sometimes in life I think that I know what’s best for myself

And I wander off forgetting You’re my one true source of help

You gently remind me that I’ve never really been alone

And I hear You say, “Welcome home”


With faith like a child, it’s not hard to see who You are

You are good, You are loving

Even when I go running, You lead me back to Your heart


“Worth It All”

Written by Sarah Grace Bloyd © 2016

Verse 1

You’re no longer bound to image

I have called you free

And You were worth the exchange

My life for your dignity


You were worth it all, beloved

You were worth it all

These hands that formed the world, my child

Are cradling your soul

Verse 2

I have felt all this pain you’re feeling

Though you worry I don’t understand

The next time you feel defeated

Grab ahold of My nail-scarred hand


I adore you just the way you are

You’re valued and you’re Mine

You’re altogether beautiful

No flaw in My design


“Look Like You”

Written by Sarah Grace Bloyd © 2017

Verse 1

For the orphan and the widow

For the war-torn refugee

In the wreckage and the ruin

Holy Spirit, we cry, “Peace”


Jesus, come to us like rain

We were made for the returning


Come be the fire all around us

Come be the glory in our midst

Invade our hearts with Your compassion

We wanna love like You again

We wanna look like You, Jesus

We wanna look like You

Verse 2

We speak from our heart’s overflow

So flood our hearts with You

Rid us of hate, let all we say

Be marked by grace and truth


We’ve forgotten our First Love

We need You now

Lord, fill us up


This world is crying,

“Bring us back, bring us home”

You’re the only rest for these weary souls

Bring us back, bring us home

We’re desperate for You

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come”