Core Beliefs

I always want to live and love more like Jesus, no matter the cost.

Prayer and Scripture are the foundations upon which I make every decision.

It’s not all about titles. I will gladly do whatever work Jesus places before me without expecting to be recognized for it.

I’m willing to be wrong. I strive to view every experience as an opportunity to grow and every person as someone from whom I can learn.

I will never stop growing. Jesus created us all to be a work in progress until He calls us home.

Everyone has a place at the table. I will extend Christlike love and hospitality to anyone, regardless of race, gender, age, religious background, or any other identifiers. My hope is that everyone I meet would know that they have a place of belonging.

In order to extend Christ’s love to others, I must first receive it myself.

Wherever I am is my mission field. I can share Jesus with people not just by the way I talk about Him, but also by the ways in which I do my best to love and serve like Him.

My calling is not one specific passion. It is an umbrella under which many things fall. I am a musician, writer, and speaker amongst other things, and in the Kingdom, they are not mutually exclusive. I can use them all for God’s glory.

I will hold myself to a standard of grace and authenticity, not perfection.

We were made for community, so I will surround myself with friends and mentors who offer mutual, Christlike love, constructive criticism, wise biblical counsel, and prayerful support.

No one is outside the reach of Jesus’ transformative love and forgiveness.

Life with Jesus is about a relationship. Each day, He extends a fresh invitation for me to get to know Him more so that He can shape my heart and mind to look more like His.