Stray Hairs and Set-Apart Hearts

Being tempted feels a lot like having a pesky stray hair clinging to your arm. Initially, it doesn’t seem that bad, but the longer it’s there, the more unbearable it becomes. Many times, you can’t see it without a change of perspective – looking in the mirror after you brush your hair, the light hitting your shirt a certain way, or even a friend pointing it out to you and asking if they can help you get it off, but no matter how you discover it, you know you would do anything to get rid of it. Often, it’s somehow managed to become so embedded in your clothes that you have to tug quite a bit, and you probably aren’t even sure how it got in there that deep, but once it’s gone, you see it for what it is – light as air, dispensable, unable to hold you back any longer. It might be a challenge to get rid of, but with the brightest of light, solid friends, and a good look at your own reflection from time to time, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Today, do the hard thing and ask Jesus what the “stray hairs” are in your life. Ask Him for His light to give you a new perspective and illuminate dark places in your heart and mind that you might not have even realized were taking root. Surround yourself with close friends who have your back and aren’t afraid to lovingly tell you that some things might not be quite right in your life. Take an honest look at your heart and ask yourself what’s holding you back from being more like Christ. Walk with confidence. Jesus has given you the power of the Holy Spirit and an abundance of His grace to pluck those “stray hairs” off of every part of your clothes – for good.

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