Giving Up Worrying for Lent

I’m giving up worrying for Lent. No, it’s not some food fast or a social media cleanse, but as I reflect on what has consumed my heart and mind lately, it’s been worrying: worrying about post-grad plans, worrying about exams and projects, worrying about friendships… The list goes on and on. Usually people give up something that they love for Lent, but I’m choosing to give up my comfort zone. This constant state of worrying definitely isn’t an enjoyable mindset, but it’s a mindset in which I’ve made a home. I’m so used to worrying over everything that I have a hard time thinking about things any other way. Jesus doesn’t want my heart and mind to be weighed down like this. He longs for me to lay all of my worries at His feet because every one of them matters to Him. Besides, worrying about things will never change the outcome anyway. It will only serve to break me down, burn me out, and crowd out any space that I could give myself to listen to and trust in Jesus. Why hold on to worry like a life vest to keep me afloat when I can instead let myself be carried in the arms of the Prince of Peace who walks on water? Starting today, I’m exchanging my chains of worry for the freedom that comes from receiving God’s peace. If worry threatens to take root in my heart again, its voice will be drowned out by my song of praise that comes from accepting the grace of Jesus – grace that allows me to rest, grace that knows what’s truly best for me, grace that walks with me through the process of letting go.

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